If you want to delete a Facebook group, you will first have to remove all the members from the group. If you have too many members then it would be very time consuming to remove them manually. In this how-to, we will see how to bulk remove Facebook group member

Here is a Chrome Extension that does this automatically for you – Facebook Magic

Let’s see steps by steps instructions. Jump to video tutorial

  1. Download Facebook Magic Chrome Extension from here
  2. Once it is installed, Go to your group first from which you want to remove the members
  3. Then click on the Facebook Magic Extension icon
  4. Then click on Bulk Remove Group Members
  5. It will open a new window with all the member of that group. Click again on the Facebook Magic icon
  6. You will see 5 input fields. If you don’t want to remove some of the members from the group then paste their profile link in the input field. To get the profile link, right-click on their name and click on the copy link address. If you want to remove all the members then directly click on Start Removing Members without filling in any details. (Admin will not be removed)
  7. It will start removing members one by one. It will take approximately the number of seconds of the total number of member.
  8. Come back after some time to see it removing all the member and a success message in the green. We successfully bulk removed Facebook group members. Now if you want to delete the group then click on leave group and it will ask you to confirm leave and delete, just click on it and you are done!

Note: If you want to work in the browser then open a new window and start working in the new window or use another browser but please do not minimise the Facebook Magic window or work in another tab in the Facebook Magic window.

In case if you do not understand, you can watch this Video tutorial

How to bulk remove members from Facebook group – YouTube

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